Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bitcoin Fake Transactions Tool 2021 (v2.1.1.0)

BFT PRO (Unconfirmed transactions)

You can't make BITCOIN with this software. You can use it for online casino games.
You can fake deposit on sites that allow 0 confirmations. 
The transaction will appear UNCONFIRMED, you cannot withdraw UNCONFIRMED transactions

Sometimes transactions are rejected due to the busyness of the mempool Network. Don't worry, try again in a few hours

Download Latest Updates v2.1.1.0 (March-03-2021)

What's new
Bug fixes performance improvement.
New: Free Trial For 5 Days
New : Auto Wallet Generator (Only for Paid User) 'The paid version gives you an auto wallet generator so you don't have to sync your wallet and keep balance' 

BFT PRO (v2.1.1.0)

Password: 123

Buy Now

[Total $150] Please Pay To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

Payment of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.
(3months license validity)

No fee is required for the transactions. Maintain some balance in your blockchain wallet
Synchronize your wallet with software for broadcasting fake transactions


The BFT PRO tool does not require a real BTC balance to generate fake transactions. You can easily send fake transactions. But in some cases, the blockchain network fee is higher. At that time, the transaction fee from the blockchain network will be charged in your wallet.
Fake transactions can be tracked on any block explorer.
The maximum fake transaction can be 2 BTC
Maintain only 0.005 BTC in your wallet for trail. 
No fee required

Transferable Transaction

Note: Check for updates before using the software

Scam Alert!!!
Beware of these scammer's
Don't buy or download the tool to this scammer's
Scammer List > (rbfninja) , (cryptolabos) , (blackmarketus) , (crypto_tool) , (bitcoin_killers)(vector76attack) , (crypto789) , (cyberhacklord) , (Dr_blackhat) , (Leo's Words) , (Harkins12)


We never make fake transactions for the client's demand.
We never make a third party fake deal to make a profit, so don't offer a deal.
We don't care what purpose you want to use the software for.
Refund: If the software is not working we give a refund, if there is any other problem we will try to solve it. Refund must be made within 7 days
Payments : We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash
We accept PayPal, MoneyGram, bank transfer payments only for authorized users who have previously purchased.
Support: and only one YouTube channel (Miner World) other emails, telegrams and websites are fake.

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