RBF (Replace By Fee Transaction)

0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;">RBF Tool (Replace By Fee)
Real BTC balance is required to send fake transactions. Your original balance will be returned to your other wallet address.
The transaction fee will be deducted from your balance from the blockchain network.

Copy your ID and send it to xmsworld@gmail.com


How to use RBF Tool?

It is used to double spend your bitcoins so
you can fake deposit on sites that allow 0 confirmations. 
- It is 100% legit and working , you can test it on Bitcoin TestNet first.

  • Don't use it if number of unconfirmed transactions on mempool.space is under 3000.
  • Enter your details (Target address , You address , fees and amount) and choose network (Main or TestNet).
  • Send required amount to our bitcoin address so we can do double spend for you. 
  • Click Check when you send transaction to us.
  • Click Send First Transaction to send bitcoins to target address.
  • Click Send Second Transaction to send bitcoin back to your address.
  • you will receive amount that you sent to us.

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